3.14159 This Is Pi Followed By 26535 Lyrics

Song Details: 3.14159 This Is Pi Followed By 26535 Lyrics by AsapSCIENCE. The song name is The Pi Song (100 Digits of π) which is sung by AsapSCIENCE

3.14159 This Is Pi Followed By 26535 Lyrics

Three, point, one, four, one, five, nine,
this is Pi, followed by,
two, six, five, three, five, eight, nine,
circumference over diameter!
Seven, nine, then three, two, three,
OMG, can’t you see?
Eight, four, six, two, six, four, three,
and now we are on spree!

Thirty-eight and thirty-two,
now we’re blue, oh, who knew?
Seven thousand, nine hundred, fifty and than a two,
eighty-eight and forty-one,
so much fun, now we run!
Nine, siven, one, six nine, three, ninety-nine,
three, seven and fifty-one,

Oh, five, eight,
don’t be late,
two, oh, nine,
where’s the wine?
Seven. four,
it’s on the floor!
Then nine, four, four, five nine,
two, three, oh,
we gotta go!
Seven eight,
we can’t wait!
One, six, four, oh, six, two, eight,
We’re almost near the end, keep going!

Sixty-two, we’re getting throught,
oh, eight, nine. Nine on time,
eight, six, two, eight, oh three, four,
ther’s only a few more!

Eight, two,
then five, three!
Fourty-two, eleven, seven, oh, and sixty seven.

We’re done!
What’s that fun?
Learning fandom digits so that you can brag to your friends!

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