Afraid of Quiet Lydia the Bard Lyrics

Song Details: Afraid of Quiet Song is sung by Lydia the Bard. The song is from the album

Afraid of Quiet Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:
Promise I’m fine when I’m not
See my minds spinning round and around with my thoughts
I’m a pot with no lid and the water is bubbling
Bout to boil over the temperature doubling

Siren alarm in the night and I can’t stop the
Noise cause I swear there’s a fire somewhere
I can’t see it or hear it or smell it or taste it
But what if I’m not prepared how will I face it

If I could calm myself down
Just breathe in and breathe out
Take a second let go of control
Then my mind could be free

But what if I drop the ball for just a moment
Who would pick it up, a friend or an opponent?
Can’t I just calm down?

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