Angels In The Sky Lyrics Polo G

Song Details: The song is sung by Polo G, released on the album “Hall Of Fame(Deluxe)”.

Angels In The Sky Lyrics

Polo G

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Gotta pray over your kids, because it’s dangerous in the Chi’
Walkin’ slow up to that casket, tears rainin’ from his eyes
Homies left forever, I ain’t get to wave or say goodbye
Hard bodied, yeah, we gangsters, but that pain done made us cry
Used to wake up so fucked up like I can’t wait until I die
To the point that I feel like I ain’t myself if I ain’t high
Now I’m foreign whippin’, thinkin’ ’bout new chains that I can buy
Devil breathin’ down my neck but I got angels in the sky
I can’t reveal the way I really feel, it’s hard to try
Heard the opps, they want me dead because I’m dissin’, tellin’ lies
Feeling’s mutual, stuff bullets in that SIG and let it fly
Execute him, headshot, knock his brains up out his eyes

Song releasing on 11th June 2021.

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