Baby Go To Work Lyrics – TikTok Song

Song Details: Baby Go To Work Baby Go Berserk Lyrics. The song name is So Silly which is sung by Koto.

Baby Go To Work Baby Go Berserk Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, why am I so?
Yeah, yeah [Okay]
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1:]
Uh, she in my [?]
She eat it up like Pac-Man
Dark Knight, all black like I’m Batman [Huh, huh]
You like cheese
No wonder you a rat man [Huh, huh]
I’m droppin’ bombs
Incase you ain’t ride for [?]
I told that girl, why you acting silly? [Silly?]
I told fuck her [?]
Bouta’ go and pop a wheelie [Pop a wheelie!]
And my pockets looking fat
But my neck is looking chilly
Bitch I’m starving [Oh my God]
But we ain’t going to Chili!

[Verse 2:]
I told her hold on change the [?]
I just [?]
Walk her back like yes
Told her it’s okay [Told her it’s okay!]
Bad bitch on the way [Bad bitch on the way!]
I just want the cake [I just want the cakе!]
I just want the fish [I just want the fish!]
5, 6, 7, 8
[Who do we appreciate?]
Aye, I’m feeling good, I’m feeling grеat
Take my time, but you can wait

[Verse 3:]
Bad bitch just like she knuckles
On my Glock, just like I’m knuckles
Protecting green just like I’m knuckles
You’re two-face, they call you knuckles
I power up, then you in trouble
I put the game cube in a duffle
I keep on laughing about knuckles
On the bitch, might turn ya’ puzzle
Got Tick turned off, just like you Russel
But 50 wit’ some muscle
Goddamn I hurt my knuckles!
Baby, go to work
Throw it back and then she twerk it
Off the chain she go Berserk
I’m tryna fuck wit’ her and her
She gon throw a fit, stacking up the chips
I just paid a fit
Ha, ha

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