Begin The Fight (Intro) Lyrics Juice WRLD | Fighting Demons Album

Song Details: Begin The Fight (Intro) Song is sung by Juice WRLD and the lyrics are written by Juice WRLD. The song is from the album Fighting Demons

Begin The Fight (Intro) Lyrics Juice WRLD

[Interlude: Juice WRLD]
My message to the youth is to be strong no matter what you going through
To—, if you need help, seek help, while the—
If you don’t want the professional help, seek help in your fr—
Surround yourself with people that’ll help you, that’ll listen to you, like that’s your best interest, uhm
Whatever you wanna do in life, find something that you don’t mind doing for the rest of your life
Find something that you like, and even if it seems like it’s impossible, it is very, very possible, so—
Don’t think that’s what life is about, truly finding yourself, and then closing your eyеs and dying in your sleep

Ayy, KBeaZy, you fye’d up
Round one, fight

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