Bust Down I Got A Heavy Wrist Lyrics

Bust Down I Got A Heavy Wrist Lyrics
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Song Details: Bust Down I Got A Heavy Wrist Lyrics.

Bust Down I Got A Heavy Wrist Lyrics

Hey, hold on, shawty got drip
Hey, hold on, spark that shit
Hey, hold on, please don’t kiss
Hey, hold on, she gon’ leave
She ask for the wifi password
I’m like, “Girl is you absurd?”
Two stacks, Phineas and Ferb
Bro, please do not hit the damn curb

Two ho’s, they in the telly, bi**h
Bustdown, I got a heavy wrist
She gave me sloppy, that shit was so excellent
Her head was angelic, man, that shit was heaven sent
It comes down to pu**y, you probably not gettin’ it
I f**k her one time, then I go to the second bi**h
I stay in the tеlly posted with the baddest bi**h
Got twin Glocky’s, on my Liv and Maddiе shit
She gave me sloppy, I’m givin’ her happiness
I’m smokin’ on za, my nigga, I’m not passin’ it
I’m geeked as bi**h, I do not give a f**k no more
She got STD’s, my nigga, I can’t f**k that whore
She tried to come and niggas closed the f**kin’ door
A nigga been nutted, shorty kept on suckin’ more

Yo’, my nigga can somebody speed the f**kin’ beat up?
This shit is slower than a bi**h, no cap

And you got the Glock, but you needed the clip
And I gave her the cock, now she teasin’ the the rip
And she gave me blue balls, now my pe**s a Crip
I’ma hop in the drop, got the keys to the whip
And he lovin’ the drip on my clothes
I get to the money, my niggas can’t f**k with these ho’s
And I just got the the bag of them O’s
I’m feelin’ real sleepy, off the f**kin’ lean, I’ma doze
And I’m posted up with my bros
I get to the gate and my niggas gon’ find out the code
That boy seen the Glock and he froze
I stay with my Mexican plug and that nigga named José

Bruh, I think it’s pronounced “Ho-sé” not “Hose,” man
Nigga, f**k that, I don’t give a damn
I’m finna f**k on that ho’ ’cause she is a ma’am
That nigga scary, he f**k with the pentagrams
f**k that shit, nigga, I’m off
I got a—, I got an online class to go to, bi**h
Gang, yvngxchris in this bi**h, ayy
On God

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