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Fortnite Is Trash Lyrics Song Details: Lyrics by Malqez. The song name is sung by Malqez

Fortnite Is Trash Lyrics

Man, F
Yuh, Ayy
Okay, Yuh

[verse 1]
I Got These Bars, Ain’t Nobody Wanna Mess With Me
Someday I’ll Be Famous, Even If It Don’t Get To Be
Honestly, Something New, Even If I Got The Wrong Type
But They Said Two Wrongs Makes A Wrong Right
Yeah, I’ve Been Gone For A While, I’ve Been Underground
Going Through Some Circles, We Can Call It A Merry-go-round
Real Question Is, Do You Even Go Inside?
Or Do You Do Nothing, And Play Some Fortnite?
Maybe Take A Second To Be Thankful For The Moonlight
Or Do Something Faithful And, [?] Say Words Right?

Fortnite Is Trash, What? Fortnite Is Trash, Ayy
Niggas Talkin Shit But Fortnite Still Trash, What?
Fortnite Is Trash, Ayy, Fortnite Is Trash, Yuh
I Don’t Give A Shit, Yuh, Fortnite Still Trash, What Fortnite Trash Huh!?! Nigga F Fortnite Trash Huh I Said Fortnite
Trash B!
Who Me? Yeah You Nigga Fortnite Trash

Fortnite Is Trash Lyrics Video Song

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