Harry Styles Baby Honey Lyrics

Song Details: Baby Honey Lyrics. The song is sung by Harry Styles.

Baby Honey Lyrics

{Verse 1}
The lights down where you’re under
They’ve got a different kind of taste
And I’d still cry I’d still wonder
Would you recognize my face?

You started to lose the features
The ones I loved the most
The sweetest kind of lover
Baby honey where’d you go

{Verse 2}
Went down to California
Burned my skin inside and out
Trying to imagine the right form of
Cutting loose, the one you’d talked about

I could’ve seen the way you got
When I started to get close
The most painful type of lover
Baby honey where’d you go

Baby honey, was it me?
Baby honey, not sick not sweet
Baby honey, let me know
Baby honey, left me alone

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