Home Coming Lyrics Tion Wayne | Green with Envy

Song Details: Home Coming Song is sung by Tion Wayne and the lyrics are written by Tion Wayne. The song is from the album Green with Envy.

Home Coming Lyrics Tion Wayne

Tch, tch
Yo, yo

I remember like ’03 when we couldn’t sleep until the mouse was trapped
First time I saw an Oz, it was so deep, I had to shout for that
From young I had a known dream, to bring my whole team
Man, they can vouch for that
But now I paid off my mum’s house and that
But we started in a council flat
I done a lot of fuckery, but trust me I’m a hundred, facts
I was on a jail phone, man, the first time I saw a hundred racks
It’s crazy
Was young, I listened to bare JAY-Z
I was overwhelmed in my jail cell ’cause I couldn’t believe that rap paid me
I wasn’t gonna fix up, didn’t see the picture
‘Til I had a call with Terry

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