I Can't Let You Go Lyrics
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Presenting the I Can’t Let You Go Lyrics sung by Ali Gatie. The music of the song is given by Ali Gatie and the lyrics is written by Ali Gatie. The song features Ali Gatie.

I Can’t Let You Go Lyrics

I can’t let you go
trust me I’ve been trying
And I swear I am still trying to know
how to move on?
if somebody told me
I still wouldn’t know where to go
I’d follow the stars
Wish I could see them
The Sky feels so dark when you’re gone
I’d follow my heart
But you took it with you
The day you walked out of that door
No, I can’t pretend
That you & I had never met (no, no, no)
If moving in means I should forget
Then even if I could I wouldn’t
No matter what the price is I would pay
Don’t matter if I should or shouldn’t
I wouldn’t ever give up anyway

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Lyrics Written By: Ali Gatie

I Can’t Let You Go Song Credits

SongI Can’t Let You Go
SingerAli Gatie
MusicAli Gatie
LyricsAli Gatie
LabelAli Gatie

I Can’t Let You Go Video Song

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