I Got A Question Are You Really Silly Song Lyrics

Song Details: I Got A Question Are You Really Silly Lyrics. The song name is Honeybear + rey gwen tisaKOREAN quannnic which is sung by seamoretheseal.

I Got A Question Are You Really Silly Lyrics


{verse 1: seamoretheseal}
Its a sunny day
I eat a jar of honey
Ya im eating it with rey
(tell me a bear story!)
So-so glad its wednesday
With our friend sematary and we’re going out to play
See an ant like a heffalump, im so scared
Makes me not want to come in there

{spoken: seamoretheseal}
Its okay if youre an ant, but, please dont stay in my treehouse. im very scared of you

Cuz i got more honey than a beehive
So much strawberry candy, ya, i feel alive
Ya im whipping like sandy on a horse ride
Got my goldfish pants on on the waterslide

{verse 2: rey gwen}
Sematary boy
Youre my very best friend
Its just wednesday
But i wish it was the weekend
Playing with bears, these bears love me
Its almost like im made of honey
Sunglasses on, driving down the street
Im going to the forest, i got friends to meet
Im with seamoretheseal, and im feeling silly
Im with my very best friends, on our favorite tree
{verse 3: tisakorean}
I, got a question
Are you really silly? (really silly)
Really silly? (really silly)
Yes, watеrmelon
Cuz im feeling the breeze
Wait what? (x2)
Undеrwater sea, like a seahorse
Now i hit a ball like a golf course
Lemme give you a hint
That message wasn’t even supposed to be send
Superman like clark kent
Up on the tree like tarzan
We can have fun on the weekend
Move at the mall, with the friends
See that outfit white and red, like a candy cane
If i make me a sandwich, no cheese, i like it plain
Yes its sunny up outside, but i can make it rain
Lets take a picture, i won’t crop you out the frame

{spoken: tisakorean}
Wait hold on, seamore
Is it more or seamore?
Lets keep…
(blueberry sundae)
{verse 4: quannic}
Can you guess what bear i am?
I like honey and im gold
Im not freddy ya im nice, but i party all day long!
Ill give you so many limiteds, and ill give you so much honey!
I got a cone on my head, and i think its really funny
Im with tisa and we making silly faces
In in the obby and were jumping around places!
Do not touch the red line or the silliness will be over
It is winter time, and its getting so much colder!

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