I Hope You Order Dr Pepper and They Give You Coke Lyrics

Song Details: I Hope You Order Dr Pepper and They Give You Coke Lyrics by Jay Lewis. The song name is which is sung by Jay Lewis

I Hope You Order Dr Pepper and They Give You Coke Lyrics

Run That Bih, Dezz

{verse 1: Jay Lewis}
I Hope You Order Dr. Pepper and They Give Your Ass Coke
Bih, I Hope You Eat Two Popeyes Biscuits and You Choke
I Hope One Day You Just Get Stranded in the Jungle and Get Raped by an Ape
I Hope You Tryna Wrap a Present and You Can’t Find the Tape
I Hope You Go Get Them New J’s and They Turn Out to Be Fake
I Hope You Win a Trip to Africa and Choke on a Grape
Hope You Decide to Take a Run and Get Bit by a Snake
I Hope Your Nana Cook Spaghetti and They Run Out of Plates
I Hope Your Boyfriend F^^k Your Mama and Record It
I Hope Your Lil’ Brother Find Washing Powder and He Snort It
I Hope Your Motor Blow Out, I Hope You Catch a Blowout
I Hope Your Uncle Lose His Wallet Every Time He Go Out
I Hope You Break Your Neck, Bih, I Hope You Break Your F^^kin’ Spinal Cord
Hope Your Lil’ Sister Fall Off Her Bike and Break Her Handlebars
I Hope You Cut Your Hand on Some Glass
I Hope a Homeless Person Beat You Up and Spit on Your Ass
I Hope You Go Enroll in College and Don’t Pass Your Lil’ Class
I Hope You Fall in Some Gas
I Hope Your Kids Get a Step Daddy and He Beat on They Ass
I Hope You Fall Down Some Stairs and F^^k Your Knee Up
I Hope You Get in a Fight at Walmart and Get Beat Up

{verse 2: Gorilla Mode Dezz}
I Hope the Wind Blow Your F^^kin’ Weave Off
I Hope Your Kids Catch a Heat Stroke Playing on a Seesaw
I Hope R. Kelly Take You on a Date and Get You Peed on
I Hope You Die Choking on a T-bone
I Hope on All Your Wedding Pictures Your Grandma Smile Without Her F^^king Teeth on
I Hope You Got a Stalker and Your Snap Location Be on
I Hope Your Steering Wheel Lock on the Curb and Hit a Pole
I Hope You Can’t Get Out and Explode
I Hope Your Grandpa Life Insurance Cancelled
I Hope You Throw a Party, I’ma Crash It
I Hope You Know I Really Hate Your Family
I Hope Your Kids End Up Just Like Me, Without a Daddy
I Hope for Halloween They Give ’em Pills That Look Like Candy

{verse 3: Mista Cain}
Bih I Hope You Crash Headfirst Into a Bus Full of Retarded Children
And Your Car Catch on Fire From the Fluid From the Power Steering
I Hope You Never Find Out Who Your Baby for
And I Hope You Know I’m Serious, I Can’t Make This Up
Bih, I Hope Your Brother F^^k Your Sister and Get Her Pregnant
Bih, I Might Just Post a Couple Pictures of You Naked
Bih, I Hope You Wake Up and Your F^^kin’ Dog Died
Bih, I Hope Your Brother Get His Head Bust on Live
Bih Ass N^^^a, Hope You at Your Bm House and I Walk Out
Bih Ass N^^^a, I Hope She Lick My Balls and Kiss You in Your Mouth
Bih Ass N^^^a, Hope She Go’n Let My Dawg Knock Her Off
Bih Ass N^^^a, Send My Dawg to Steal Them Tv’s Out Your House (Bih)

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