If you have been around TikTok, you might have heard the viral audio, “I just wanna be appreciated” which has been trending for a month.

Where does the “I just wanna be appreciated” audio come from? And, what is the song that plays over the audio “I just wanna be appreciated”?

In this article, you will get an answer to this particular trending audio clip.

In a 3 years old video, a lady named Maritess Trosper, sits in a car and claims “I just wanna be appreciated”.

The audio clip from this video spreads quickly on the internet with the combination of Apocalypse Song by Cigarettes After Sex’s.

Viral audio lines: “You just can’t say goodbye…I just wanna be appreciated“.

I just wanna be appreciated original video

I just wanna be appreciated TikTok Compilation

Apocalypse Song

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