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Song Details: Invisible Scar Lyrics by Rod Wave. The song is from the album “SoulFly“.

Invisible Scar Lyrics

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All around the world, that’s how I live
Keep quiet, keep your fly as hell Brand new YSL
This that new Chanel, can’t you tell? Want you to myself
But, I’ma be gone all next week
Sipping codeine, Easter pink
I can’t even find my phone
Can’t even move without my [?]
I don’t wanna fight, that’s that extra shit
You’re Heaven sent [?]
Fuck these hoes and what they think
I’ma give you everything you want
Just gotta let me chase my dreams
Hows it feel closing million-dollar deals off a cell phone
In the party running wild with his hеad gone
If I don’t call you, I’m sorry about it
Real rockstar, living large, invisiblе scars
She say come save me (Yeah, yeah)
Come save me (Yeah)
Come save me (Come save me)
Gave you my heart, gave you my heart (Heart)

Video Song

Releasing on 26th March 2021.

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