Is This Love Why Don T You Love Me Daddy Lyrics

Song Details: Is This Love Why Don T You Love Me Daddy Lyrics by Father. The song name is Why Don’t U which is sung by Father

Is This Love Why Don T You Love Me Daddy Lyrics

Hot boys and Xanies
Sun dress no pa^^ies
And we day drunk
And we butt rub
And I no sleep like Addies
Is this love, daddy?
Is this love?

Why don’t love me daddy?

You come around and you be tripping
See you in the club
And you always want me tipping
Take you to the spot
Baby make it hot
You don’t call me back
I wonder what the f^^k we got
See me with them other girls
Lying bi^^hes new pearls
You say “I don’t love you”
I’m like “girl, give you the world”
Take you out to Atlanta
Show you all bandanas
You be smoking on the gas
All my s^^t is bananas
Girl you acting so d^^n crazy
I can’t even do this s^^t
I’m ’bout to go out to LA
You tripping on my bi^^h
Told you ’bout my west coast hoes
Told you ’bout my North Side bi^^h
You want to go to hotels
But you can’t even act right, bi^^h

I fell in love in a uber
She only f^^k with them shooters
“Why you still f^^k with them Xanies?”
She ask me cause I fell in love with the stupor
Percocet keeping me lucid
Blackouts they give me excuses
You know you want do it
Go ‘head and then do it
Pass out and wake up in her fluids
Hit the night life and I f^^k off
Let’s hit the restroom and duck off
Walk in the party like, “f^^k everybody”
They just wanna see us all fall off
I’m tired of looking for love
As much as I’m tired of looking for drugs
I’m tired of being high all the time
To convince ni^^as I give a f^^k
I just want these riches
Been grew tired of all these bi^^hes
On my d^^k like broomsticks
Wicked witch of zone six
What’chu gonna do?
When you can’t say no
When them feelings start to show
Girl I really need to know, yeah

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