Kickin’ Big Shit With My Feet on Degrees Lyrics

Song Details: Kickin’ Big Shit With My Feet on Degrees Lyrics is sung by Shyfromdatre ($hyfromdatre). The title of the song is 6000 Degrees.

Kickin’ Big Shit With My Feet on Degrees Lyrics

Ay, ay, aye
These bitches gotta be kidding me (Let’s go)
Bitch call me broke when she livin’ off income
My gucci cost more than your rent, bitch, literally
These bitches was fans before they was enemies (Duh)
This bitch is a big dummy
Type of bitch go and flex all her rent money
Stop the capping we know you don’t get money (Stop the cap)
It was never no beef with this bitch
Man, this hoe is delusional and want some exposure (Some еxposure)
This bitch grown as the fuck and she twicе as my age
On my life, man, I don’t even know her (On my mama)
Insecure, man, that bitch need some closure
Big Scorpio, I was born in October
One minute, yeah, I be smoking a opp
Then I’m smoking Gelato, I must be bipolar
[Verse 2]
Kickin’ big shit with my feet on ’em (Ay!)
I ain’t even gotta touch the bitch
‘Cause her baby daddy beat on her
No forreal, beat her ass, then he skeete on her
Shit, and he might even pee on her
It’s a opp hoe in my fat wood
Bitch so broke that she ran out of tissue
And wiped her stank ass with a backwood
But it’s time to close the curtain
Bitch you so wack, I’d rather play with [?]
Fresh as fuck, like my name dish detergent
Watch my every move
Man, this bitch steady lurking (Why?)
Yeah, I’m bout to get it in (What?)
Bitch, how you gon’ diss lookin sponsored by Citi Trends?
Bitch you a flop, you don’t know what to do
I came back to my talk, we can go [?]

Come on, bitch
You know you had to mention $hyfromdatre to get some views
Stop playin’ (Stop playin!)

I really beat bitches for fun
I pulled up on her and she pulled out a gun
I don’t even got the rest of the energy to-
For this lame ass bitch (No cap)
I should slap the fuck out your mama
You grown as the fuck flashing 200 dollars, the fuck
(Bitch get out the [?] and come get in the field)
You know I’m the face of the city, bitch
That’s why you mad
Lil’ bitch, aha
Bitch, you know my name
Hoe, stop playin with me
This bitch is goofy
For the record hoe, I don’t stay with my pappy
My rap stating real life
Now tell ’em how you was a fan first
Aye, the fuck

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