Maytag Ben Reilly Lyrics – Maytag (Tax Free)

Song Details: Maytag Ben Reilly Lyrics is sung by Ben Reilly and the lyrics are written by Ben Reilly.

Maytag Ben Reilly Lyrics

Fourmatic Boys on the Rise
We the Wave Like Erosions
Y’all N-words Way Too Tired(Tide)
N-word What Do You Gain(Gain) From Emotions
Stop the Commotion

Y’all N-words Not Outside
Suck a D%%k
You Sucka N-words Can Die
If I Want It
There Ain’t No Way You Can Stop It
I Could Cancel All Your Plans With a Swipe
I Could Cancel All Your Plans for Life

You See the Physique
You Know You Not F^^king With Me
To Keep It a Bean, I Need Me a G
If I’m Putting Words to a Sheet
You N-words Centipedes
You Sensitive Please
A Hundred Feet on ’em at Least
I’m Where I’m Supposed to Be
My Spirit at Ease
You Don’t Wanna Talk About Free
I Need 20 Million on Me (Tax Free)
Why You Talking on the Tweets (at Me)
I Can See It in Your Face (Ance)
You Don’t Feel Safe
Why Won’t You Come Clean? (Tax Free)
Got a Brand New Watch, That as Tax Free (Yuh!)
I Don’t Need No Glock for No Rap Beef (Save)
Them Boys Xerox, That’s a Pet Peeve
As I Paid My Dues

(Tax Free)
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words (Maytag)
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words (Louder)
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words (Kids!)
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words (Louder!)
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words

Name a N-word That Can Wash Me (Yea Right, Okay!)
Better Go Get Some Money (Yea Right, Okay!)
Air It Out Like Laundry (Yea Right, Okay!)
All My ‘ville N-words Copy (Yea Right, Okay!)
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words
Maytag N-words Im’a Maytag N-words

Sick of All You Hoes It’s a Pandemic
He Said He Want Smoke Can He Handle It
You Don’t Gotta Question if I’m Authentic
All My Hoes From the Motherland They Look Like Russell Stover’s
As I’m Feeling Extra as F^^k
Leprechaun Scope, N-word Push Your Luck
I Don’t Need to Boast
I Just Gotta Show Up

Yeah, I Heard Your Flows, You Ain’t F^^king Wit Us
As, I Know Yo’ Baby Momma Way Too Well Especially
She Tell Me What Time You Work, So I’ll Be There Till Next Week
I Got Me Some Lead for Anybody Wanna Test Me
Bless Me, I Don’t Need Protection
Capricorn King, You Cant Cancel Me
Well Dressed Hood Booger Baby Dance With Me
I Know What You Want
Get Your Hands Off Me

All She Get Is D%%k and Happy Hour Then She Go to Sleep
Tell Me Who You With Cause Ain’t No Playing Sides
Run Up on Yo’ as, It’s Just Me No Mas
N-words Mad Cause My Theme Song Like E. Coli
Roming Wit Pockets of Romaine

Gold Chains
Go Change Your Gang
N-words Want Yo Lane No Way
Ima Let You Get in My Space
Ima Take the Food Off Yo Plate
Ima Give Yo’ Boo Yoplait
Playing No Games With This Sh^t
I’m Like Coltrane With This Sh^t
Put My Soul Train in Yo as
Head for Goal Don’t Need Asist
How You a Goat? You Don’t Exist
Open the Door, Hit Me a Lick

As I’m Hov’s 92 Bricks
Losing Control, N-words Don’t Know Where to Go
You Headed Straight for the Cliff
You Get Exposed, You Perpetrate in Your Flows
Better Come Clean With That Sh^t

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