Miles Lyrics SZA

Song Details: Miles Song is sung by SZA. The song is from the album Ctrl (Deluxe).

Miles Lyrics

Wish I could be a little more mature
Did my time, did myself for sure
River wide, got myself afloat
Demons die if I don’t support
Demons die if I don’t support
And why can’t I be like everybody else? (Oh, oh)
Losin’ my mind, think I look good when I’m really just high
Scared of my life when, can a bitch get by? (Get by)
Sick of listening to everyone else (Oh)
Sick of my pride (Oh), sick of just sayin’ shit just to be nice (Oh)
Scared of this world, how do I get by?
Miles runnin’ wild in my head
Pacin’, going back instead of movin’ forward
Time is movin’ forward (Yеah, yeah, yeah)
Miles runnin’ wild in my hеad
I’m scared of movin’ forward
Time keep movin’ forward, forward

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