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Song Details: Moving On Lyrics by Rod Wave. The song is from the album “SoulFly“.

Moving On Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I finally found that peace that I was looking for
I’m all in Houston, me and cuzzo found that drink that we was looking for
Girl, what you doing? Let’s get high or something
What you doing? Go in the store and get me a Sprite or something
Get me a big-ass cup of ice or something
Girl, fuck a deuce, pour me a four, at least a five or something
‘Cause I don’t wanna feel nothing
I fuck with her because her head different
She fuck with me because my bread different
I snatched the black out the Hellcat and I threw red in it
I left the city ’cause the feds in it
I threw the phone, they say the feds listening
Who the fuck [?] keep my name from out your mentions
Already made six million, it’s too late to hurt my feelings
Sometimes I feel I fucked my life up becoming famous
Gotta watch where I be hanging, gotta watch where I be staying
Ayy, rest in peace to what’s her name, this rap shit super dangerous
Already cocked it back, just bang it, already cocked it back, just aim it
Look, I smoke the weed and sip the lean to take the pain out
If I wasn’t high, I’d probably try and blow my brains out

Living life on the run, too many problems at once
Too stressed, can’t get no rest, I’m up before the sun
I knew this day would come
Even though it’s hard times, it’s too late to give up now, my nigga
Keep it moving on, keep it moving, dawg
Keep it moving on, keep it moving

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Releasing on 26th March 2021.

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