Naked Lyrics Doja Cat

Song Details: The song is sung by Doja Cat, released on the album “Planet Her”.

Naked Lyrics

Doja Cat

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I don’t think ’bout anybody
But [?] beside your body, baby
(La, la, la, la)
(La-la-la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
Only you can be full [?] with those
Don’t care who see me out my clothes, baby
Ooh, woo, woo, woo
And I like bananas and peaches
And some might say it’s indecent
It’s just crazy
Can we start at mine then, in to yours
Heels, I’m waiting at your door
I don’t wanna play no more
Be there freaking on the floor

Baby, you can’t go until you see me strip
Many red alarms said this shit [?]
I could tell it [?]
And way that you, way that you, way
And I don’t mean no harm, you could get a grip
I just had [?] my hips
[?] running through your fingertips

How could I keep this on
How could I let you know
Boy you deserve a show
It’s time to get comfortable
It’s only natural
I could tell when you’re not feeling [?]
Just what was going on
When can we take off all our clothes? (Can we take this off)
When can we take off all our clothes? (‘Cause I’m anxious and, baby, when I’m anxious)
When can we take off all our clothes? (Can we take this off)
Take off all our clothes, clothes

Song releasing on 25th June 2021.

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