Nonsense Outro Lyrics – Sabrina Carpenter

Song Details: Nonsense Outro Lyrics by Sabrina Carpenter . Sabrina Carpenter has everyone obsessing over her improvised ‘Nonsense’ lyrics and the on-stage moment has even become a TikTok trend.

Nonsense Outro Lyrics

Lyrics From Snippet:

This Song Catchier Than Chicken Pox is
I Bet Your House is Where My Other Sock is
Woke Up This Morning Thought I’d Write a Pop Hit
How Quickly Can You Take Your Clothes Off Pop Quiz

This Crowd is Giving Me All the Endorphins
I Wish Someone Would Rearrange My Organs
Philly is the City I Was Born in

Water Ain’t the Only Thing I Swallow
I Wish That I Could Play Right Here Tomorrow
My New Favorite City is Chicago

I’ve Got a Personality but No Tits
This Song is Not About Joshua Basset
Los Angeles Your Energy is Big Dick

You’re So Hot I Must Proceed With Caution
It’s Wicked Awesome to Be Here in Boston
If Your Ex Wants You Back It’s Gonna Cost Him

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