Song Details: PACMAN Song is sung by STEPZ Featuring Fizzler. The song is from the album


Lyrics from Snippet

[Chorus: Stepz & Fizzler]
I’m not like that (I’m not)
But they wanna stop and search for a pack on man
Can’t lie, man darted ‘cah rahted, they wanna cuff my hand
I am like that, so I get nervous when I sight me a transit van
Feds on me from when I can stand ‘cah I’m from a place where you pack man (Look)

[Verse 1: Fizzler & Stepz]
PC wants to give me time (Lowe it)
Mandem, he’s buggin’, ahlie? (Ahlie?)
Fizzler, I’m one of a kind, take two shorties, not one at a time (Let’s go)
You can say I’m good friends with crime (Whoosh)
And my right hand man is bine (Bang)
Also, I’m at war with swine, wow, what a life
This [?] packs like undies, where? (Who’s that?)
Like right over there, just look over there, don’t stare (Ayy)
I got bare bredrins that are fake, they just talk behind my back
Think I’m fine with that, but I’ll burn that bridge today
Get caught like Askar, they’re like, Askar, pray
Thank you for [?], yay

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