Pop Ya Shit Lady London Lyrics

Song Details: Pop Ya Shit Lyrics. The song name is Pop Ya Shit (Freestyle) which is sung by Lady London.

Pop Ya Shit Lyrics

Oh my god
Ladies and Gentlemen
You remember me?
Heheh..long time

Sh’shawty lurking on my page, better watch me flow
Hit the boomerang, and let her watch me slow
Hit the zoom again, and let her watch me close
Not to boast, I made it in ya face like hibachi stoves

I love dealing wit’ a rich nigga (rich nigga)
I love dealing wit’ a rich nigga
Cause he gon trick, and imma trick, but he gon trick bigger
My last nigga was a fraud, it was a big difference
I gave my heart, dis’ nigga put it on a bitch picture

All black in a range, we spin a year
The Cartier cover the frame of these denim tears
I occupy the lane, in the game, these bitches fear
I mean really. What the fuck is you saying’?
These bitches weird

You a bottom feeder
Me? I’m an autolinker
Winter, spring, summer and autumn, my order either
I’m in Area, the Attico, JPG,
I’m in Gallery, Givenchy and Deonly.
I mean the Webster, they text me like every week
And the collection, no question, just get me three

Get respect without twerking for him, up in the stu’
I get checks without workin’ for em’, I’m twitter blue
Civil wit’ who? me? bicker wit’ you?
I’m like RSV mixed wit’ Covid, sicker than Flu
I put RnB, mix it wit’ poetry, this is new
You take Lauren, me, jigga and her, and you get the truth
You think you big meech, a big reach
Yous a big bitch , start callin’ you big sis

I could never talk to little homie, little guy
Who gotta wait for the big homie to get the tab,
The last up, the Casper, the little nigga they send to go get some backwoods

Woo…I’m just cringing at the thought
Ben Simmons went in Philly, I’m just sitting on the floor, like oh boy!

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