Race My Mind Lyrics Drake – Certified Lover Boy

Song Details: Race My Mind Song is sung by Drake and the lyrics are written by Drake. The song is from the album Certified Lover Boy.

Race My Mind Lyrics

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Just hung up the phone and I
Could already tell that you’re comin’ home intoxicated, ooh
So you better take your time with me
‘Cause I remember last time you wouldn’t make love to me
Think you fell fast asleep (I hope you niggas sleep)
Wouldn’t even talk to me now

Say, say I’m so crazy, baby
I wanted you to race my mind
I got the keys
Please, for me
Since you’re comin’ home intoxicated, oh
For me, please
I wanted you to erase my mind

They said you got high as the sky, up all night just dancing
I hit you like “Please come home to me”
But you’re not understanding
You gon’ make me beg, make me plead (Plead)
I wanted you to race my mind, I got the keys
I just figured you could make time
I just figured you could make time
Since that you’re comin’ home intoxicated

Race my mind, I got the keys, please

Picture me rolling through downtown in an ’84
Picture me signature on a pair of some J 4s
Picture me caring what niggas saying on wifi they don’t pay for
Knew I needed love but think I value the hate to push towards things that I prayed for
Retro great energy shifts is what I was made for
And don’t you dare hit me back with no “K, sure”
Soon as I tell you that you the one I would wait for
You’re too saucy, too flossy, you moved in and moved off me
All to be with niggas who just started to move bossy
Maybe I just handled you too softly, got no Kelis in they blood
If your whole heart wasn’t in it, I know a piece of it iwas

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