Real RX Song Lyrics

Song Details: Real RX Song Lyrics. The song name is 12 Stout Street which is sung by Rx Papi & Gud.

Real RX Song Lyrics

Real Rx

I used to wake up in my room in the mornin’
Put on my dirty shoes in the mornin’
Heard mama cryin’ last night
Think the lights finna go out
Only thing on my mind is hittin’ a lick
Her nigga in prison for doin’ some shit
Say I’ma go to prison for doin’ some shit
Only thing on my mind is boomin’ a bitch
12 Stout Street, I hated that house
I had to learn early on bein’ a man about
My mama ain’t never buy me shit
I sold drugs and robbed for all my shit
Mama said, “Baby, that was years ago”
“Don’t stress about shit that happened years ago”
This shit’d take a bitch years to know
I cried in the cold ’til my tears was froze
I hit a lick to help my mama out
How the fuck my mom the one kick me out?
How the fuck you gonna send me out to the streets?
How thе fuck you gonna say I can’t come home to sleep?
How the fuck I comе out your pussy, you choose your husband like you knew that nigga before me?
How the fuck you gon’ turn your back on me?
How the fuck you gon’ leave me flat on E?
How you gon’ do that, knowin’ they killed my dad?
You supposed to be my mom and my dad
I wish that fuckin’ house would burn down
I couldn’t tell you then but, shit, I’ll tell you now
For so many years, I held it down
I never in my life wanted to sell drugs
I would’ve been cool with playin’ games and shit
But instead, I’m runnin’ with the gang and shit
Robberies done turned into shootings
Your son done did a gang and shit
It’d take a year to explain this shit
We don’t stay safe, we stay dangerous
They took my brother, that fucked me up
Perc’ after Perc’, they fuckin’ me up
Thousand Percs’ later, still don’t do nun’
Shit’s barely workin’, they’re supposed to make me numb
Had flashbacks to when I was young
Bitches used to laugh and call me a bum
I was with Face, shot my first gun
Before Neo or Jet Li, I was the one
My mama ain’t see it but the streets did
Said I wouldn’t be shit, streets made me shit
Going through withdrawal, got me sick
I’m stressed back to back, I’m ’bout to flip
Don’t look at me funny, you don’t know shit ’bout me
Stood on the block with dreams of an Audi
Had a nightmare sleepin’ in my Audi
A nigga caught me lackin’ and pulled me out it
Big-ass pistol to my mouthpiece
And it happened in front of 12 Stout Street

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