Set Up Story (Pt.1) Lyrics – NLE Choppa

Song Details: Set Up Story (Pt.1) Song is sung by NLE Choppa. The song is from the album NLE Choppa (Singles).

Set Up Story (Pt.1) Lyrics

[Intro: NLE Choppa]
If You Ain’t At A House Party
You At The Wrong Party
Yeah! Something Going On’
Know What We On
D-O, Won’t Trip D-O
(No, No, No, No, No)
I Ain’t Never Tripped On
Fu*k This Sh!t

[Verse 1: NLE Choppa]
House On The Hills, I Wake Up To Pu$$y
I’m Really Enjoying The View (Enjoying The View)
It’s A Couple Of H0es That Hitting’ My Line
They Said That They Wanna Come Through
(They Said That They Wanna Come Through)
So I Roll Up A Swisher, She Sucking My D!ck
I Swear To God, That Be’s The Truth
But The Other H0es Hitting My Line, They Thick
I Don’t Know What I’ma Do (I Don’t Know What I’ma Do)
So I Tell Her, “Get Out,” She Said, “Is You Tripping?”
It Just What I Thought, This Hoe Got To B!tching
The Time That We Spent, This Sh!t Here Is Finished
(Let’s Go)
I Knew I Was Wrong, I Shouldn’ta Did It, Aye!
Kick Her Out The Spot, Other H0es Pull Up
She Got Some Big A$$ T!tt!es With A Big A$$ Butt
I Can See How She Look, Man, I Know She A Sl*t
(Yeah! Yeah!)
If I Shoot Her One, She Gone Catch Her A Nut
(Yeah! Yeah!)

[Chorus: NLE Choppa]
(Nah, Nah, Nah, La La, La, La, La, What Going On?)
I Think She Tryna Set Me Up
(We Gone See Though, Set Me Up, Set Me Up)
(Something Going On, Bruh)
I Got My Shooter In The Cut
(I Got My Shooter, Got My Shooter)

[Verse 2: NLE Choppa]
I’m Looking At TBo, He Macking He Friend
I Know He Gone Buss That Hoe Down
You Could Look At My B!tch, Look At Her Hips
Yeah! She Curvy And Round (You Know That She Cute)
I Throw Back A Perc’
Gimme Twenty Minutes, Bet That I’m Working This Hoe
(I Bet That)
Go Back To Ten Or The Fifteen Or The Thirty
I Don’t Even Fuking Know, Fuk, He Took It, Though
I Look At This B!tch And I Realize
She Sneaky, She Been On That Phone Too Long
The Last Hoe Played, They Both Died
This Sh!t Dejà Vu, What The Fu*k Going On
I’ma Play This Sh!t Smooth, I Might Be Wrong
Had My Glock In The Couch
TBo, My Sh!t, Is You Clutching Your Chrome?

[Chorus: NLE Choppa]
(Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, La, What’s Going On, Bruh?)
I Think She Tryna Set Me Up
(I Think She Tryna Set Me Up)
(Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, La, What’s Going On?)
I Got My Shooter In The Cut

[Verse 3: NLE Choppa]
Aye! They Sip A Lil’ Crown, They Get A Lil’ Horny
I Think That They Ready To Fuk So I Get In My Head About All Of My Strokes (Yeah! Yeah!) About How I’m Gone Pipe This B!tch Up (Yeah! Yeah!) You Know That I Got My Magnum, That Is Not A Problem We Do Not Have Them Troubles (None Of Those Troubles) When She Come In My Room, I Turn On That Marvin Gaye So I Know I’ma Fuk (I Know I’ma Fu*k)
Man, Hold Up, I Can’t Believe This B!tch
Looking At Your Phone, You Sent The Drops
Betrayed Or Just Defeated Me
Look In Her Face, I Spit Up On It
Man, I Damn Near Beat That B!tch
And We Gone Let That N!gga Pull Up
Just To Show Him How We Get
(Brrt, Brrt, Brrt, Brrt)

[Chorus: NLE Choppa]
(Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, Nah, Can’t Believe This Sh!t)
I Think She Tryna Set Me Up (She Set Me Up, Though)
(Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, La, She Set Me Up)
I Got My Shooter In The Cut (Hold On)

[Outro: NLE Choppa]
Aye! There’s Some Trappers In Here
To Be Continued
To Be Continued
Don’t Let This Sh!t Play Out

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