She Got Big Ol Tiddies Lyrics

Song Details: She Got Big Ol Tiddies Lyrics. The song name is Race Freestyle which is sung by Quandale Dingle.

She Got Big Ol Tiddies Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, haha
Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions
Aye I know i’m five years late [Ha-Ha-Ha
You can’t fuck with me, i’m on a different level
Phew, phew

Money so big, niggas think i’m Yeat
Bitch you can’t compete
Lil ho, get on your knees and lick the cheese
I’m finna get on your ass, you could call me pair of jeans
That girl, she came and sucked my dick, and she did it hella mean
Yeah, they call me Quandale
Got to get to the green, i’m not talking ‘bout no kale
Had to kick a lil bitch out, ‘cause she was fucking like a snail
Man, I was just in jail
I was opening up mail
Quandarious tried to diss me and his stupid ass failed
Got these hoes mad
‘Cause i’m getting racks
Put a hunnid on the dash
Bitch yo breath stink, please go put on a fucking mask
She said “Pass the weed”, bitch, I don’t like to pass the gas
Blowing bubbles, blowing zaza
She got big ol’ titties I said “Goo-goo, goo, gah-gah”
In the zoo, monkey ass niggas
Oo-oo, oo, ah-ah, stop playing with me
When the money talking, i could not hear what you saying
Lil bitch is religious, on her knees, like she praying to me
Ok I’m done
Never mind, just kidding, nigga
Aye, bitch I had to do the race, got a couple bad bitches with me
Spray my dick, call it face paint, goofy ahh nigga
You ain’t cool, nah you ain’t
Bitch I will grab the Smith & Wesson, shoot a nigga, head bald, G.I Jane
[Aye, I know that shit went over your head, it’s cool
Uh, finna go to the b-, oh shit [Oh fuck, my voice
Yeah, finna go to the bank, got my hand on her hill
Nigga, you can call me Hank
This song is finna start a fire, i don’t need no propane
I’m not a liar, i desire a hoe that’s gonna shake and break my bank
I’mma eye her down, and i’mma fly her up
I’m finna fuck her in the car until the tires stuck
I said girl what’s your name, she said Lizzy Miguaire, fuck
Oh shit

I’mma do the race
I’mma do the race
I’mma do the race
I’mma do the race
I’mma do the race
I’mma do the race
Nigga, I’mma do the race

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