She Let Me Hide My Weed In Her Lyrics

Song Details: She Let Me Hide My Weed In Her Lyrics. The song name is Sure Thing which is sung by Lil Wayne.

She Let Me Hide My Weed In Her Lyrics

Twist made me do this
Paw-Paw in here with me, T in here with me

Kush in the Swisher, money over b^^ches
Never kill a woman, unless she a witness
All about my business, survival of the fittest
She let me hide my weed in her titties
B^^ch, I got the cash, in a rubberband
I got the Glock, already cocked, boom!
F^^king with a n^^ga, meet my motherf^^king goons
Sorry 4 the Wait, Carter IV coming soon
Light it up, cause I’ma smoker
She tried to deepthroat, I f^^ked around and choked her
It’s Young Money, motherf^^ker, game over
Shots leave your body, looking like you doing yoga
And Lord knows I’m a sinner, pain pills for dinner
B^^ch, I’m getting money like I got a money printer
Got a chopper and a trimmer, shooting like Jimmer
You coming in that water, boy, you better be a swimmer
I ain’t worrying bout y’all, sitting on my Hog
While Miss Anita Baker sing “You Bringing Me Joy”
I came straight outta jail and did my thing on these boys
And we all yelled, “F^^k you, b^^ch!” and kept going
I’m on, and that’s right, baby
I ain’t going out this b^^ch without a fight, baby
One request: please don’t bite, baby
I got some bomb-a^s p^^sy from a white lady
I ain’t lying, I’ma shine like a nickel or a diamond
I smoke a lot of weed to keep them b^^ches off of my mind
Girl, stop talking that sh^t
Go’n suck a n^^ga d^^k for a new outfit, hahaha
And even if the sky come falling
B^^ch, I’ma still be high
I got faith in my weed man
My lil n^^gas got yay’ by the bean bag
Hit ya a^s from the side like a screen pass
And that red bandana is the team flag
Yeah, all up in your f^^king face
Tez pushed the album back; sorry for the wait

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