Suns Out Buns Out Lyrics – Clinton Kane

Song Details: Suns Out Buns Out Song is sung by Clinton Kane. Suns Out Buns Out is a new single by Clinton Kane.

Suns Out Buns Out Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet:

14 and I’m Thinking About God Again
In the Back of Our Car
Everyone Is So Far From Me

17 and I’m Feeling So Out of Place
I’ve Been Moving Too Much
And Lately I’ve Been Running
Round in Circles Everyday

19 and I’m Getting So Drunk Again
And I’m Falling in Love
With Everyone
Just for a Minute

And I’ve Turned Off a Part of Me
That I Can’t Find Anymore
I’m Sick of Always Questioning Myself
And What I’m Doing Wrong

And I wish I was somebody else
Just to feel like I’m enough for myself
And I’ve been fighting
With who I am inside my head

And I don’t know me anymore

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