Tactical Nuke Interlude Lyrics ZillaKami | DOG BOY

Song Details: Tactical Nuke Interlude Song is sung by ZillaKami. The song is from the album DOG BOY.

Tactical Nuke Interlude Lyrics

Yung Germ

War crime, might drop napalm on the ‘jects
Dirtbags lay your lil’ homeboy to rest
Shotgun on me, he should’ve wore a vest
If I go to jail, scream “Free me” ’til the death
Acting like a ho, strip a nigga out his clothes
Takin’ his Amiris and ParaNorman Foams
I see where you at, got them UAV drones
Payin’ off the crackheads walkin’ ’round your home

Don’t get cut, do not rush up
Don’t get bucked, do not rush up
Don’t get touched, do not rush up
Don’t get fucked, do not rush up

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