Talk Too Much Around Big 30 You Get Hit Up in Your Mouth Lyrics

Song Details: Talk Too Much Around Big 30 You Get Hit Up in Your Mouth Lyrics by Choppa Talk 2. The song name is which is sung by Choppa Talk 2

Talk Too Much Around Big 30 You Get Hit Up in Your Mouth Lyrics

Bitch we CGE
You ain’t gotta say that
Aight bet bet

[Big 30:]
Treat my draco like a spatula flip niggas with this bih
Glocks R us and they attached to us bitch we come from the street
You would think Big 30 faster cause I won’t eat I won’t sleep
Till I catch his ass lackin’ and make sure he underneath

[Pooh Shiesty:]
They won’t let us in the industry so we still in the streets
Ain’t no love on these P’s I sell em for 33
Trappin’ hard, forgot to eat
Burglar bars exotic weed
Police know it ain’t no catchin me this Jeep a SRT

[Big 30:]
Track Hawk exotic jeep and the inside look like a brick
Carbon 1-5 with the switch and I call that bitch Call of Vision
Gotta slow down on that red I can’t even run and jump the fence
Hop out boys on the block fuck around threw away my favorite stick

[Pooh Shiesty:]
I can’t never let a nigga slide that shit fuck with my pride
Had a shot and you was open why you try to run and hide
We the gang we thuggin with the guys it ain’t no switching side
Shot the glizzy and this rapper fried I know this bitch gon’ ride
On the block with a four nick I call the shots you call the quick
Got the drop from a opp bitch and all she wanted was some dick
Passed the Glock, gained a assist
Fuck the judge tell him free Mitch
And I ain’t gotta sign no record deal to go bust down my wrist

[Big 30:]
Homicide, mama cry, just know this street shit get deadly
Before I let my mama cry, mama boy gon be gloatin the tele
Got your address from your Sue and I bought her American Deli
You can thank her stupid ass for them hollows inside your belly
Gelato look like some real and know you smell it this shit hectic
Free Marlo he Trey57 I hang with robbers nun but felons
Pump your nuts and ditch the gang we on your ass just like a wedgey
Bitch I’m married to the gang I sold a P inside my wedding

[Pooh Shiesty:]
Serve pastors and serve the reverend
Pour Actavis in my beverage
Throw middle fingers at 12 I’m strapped with a MAC-11
At 10 we gon spin the benz
6 Glocks and 3 F&Ns
9 shots left in this .223, 6 ate him thru his skin

[Big 30:]
Lil Bobby just slide for 7
He got em all bow for bow
6 of my niggas have felonies and 5 of them on parole
Fo Shiesty and 3-O on glow
Two hollow tips to his throat
It’s one body up the score
Rest In Peace and no more posts

Ain’t no more 3 and O
Big 30 where he go
We boosted up the fo

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