The Idea Blackbear Lyrics

Song Details: The Idea Song is sung by Blackbear. The song is from the album in loving memory.

The Idea Lyrics

[Lyrics from a Snippet]

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

How do you fall asleep without me here?
I see right through you, I see you so clear
Wake up my demons and my biggest fears
Are you in love with me or the idea?

Too many skeletons in my closet
God, if you’re listening, you need to call me
Drunk off a feeling, I don’t wanna stop it
What is the meaning?
Swear the drugs don’t help me, it’s a problem
This ain’t love, I don’t know what to call it
Run and tell your girlfriends that you hate me
I think we’re too far from saving
Same old story, Hollywood’s on fire
Three nights in a row doin’ blow, are you tired?
Tell me

[Lyrics from Cover Art]

You left your cigarette burning on top of the pictures
You hurt me
Death is easy, life is hard for me so

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