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USA Vs India Memes: With mostly flags of the USA and India, people are tickling some funny bones online, using popular memes to express how Indians react differently in different situations As the trend progressed, some replaced the US flag with flag of other countries to draw parallels.

The year 2021 has just started and meme-makers are already on a roll cracking out hilarious memes to keep everyone’s spirit high online.

USA Vs India Memes

US: Will you be my girlfriend?
India: Hat ja samne se teri bhabhi khadi hai.

US: I love you.
India: Kya mere hone wale bachho ki maa banogi?

US: Only one week is left for exams.
India: One day before exam -> Abhi bhi 24 ghante baki hai.

US: Best Couple
India: Oh ma go, turu lob.

US: I had a breakup and i can’t live without her.
India: Thukra ke mera pyaar mera intakam dekhegi.

US: Class topper.
India: Sharmaji ka ladka.

US: Hey! long time ago not seen!
India: Bada aadmi ban gaya hai tu!

US: Toppers- I have prepared everything for the exam.
India: Toppers- Bhai maine kuch pada hi nahi hain, fail ho jaunga.

US: Rapgod.
India: Hanuman Chalisa.

Hope you enjoyed USA Vs India Memes.

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