You Bow Down to Me You Go Down for Me Lyrics

Song Details: You Bow Down to Me You Go Down for Me Lyrics by Kodak Black. The song name is No Flockin’ which is sung by Kodak Black

You Bow Down to Me You Go Down for Me Lyrics

Damn, That’s So Sad
Kkk, Kkk

Young N^^^a, I Got Old Cash, Spazzin’ On They Ass
I Got Prada On My Ho Ass, Got My Last One Mad
Pop A N^^^a Like A Damn Tag, Shoppin’ On They Ass
I Just Bought A New Old Jag, Yeah, It’s So Fast
Smokin’ Flocka, You A Jackass, All I Smoke Is Gas
Don’t You Ask Me Where The Pole At, Where Yo’ Clothes At?
I Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout My N^^^as, Dammit, But Y’all Trippin’, Too
Is It You? Damn, My N^^^a, What The Hell Got Into You?
Project Baby, Y’all Was Skippin’ In The Hallway, I Was Skippin’ School
On My Ps And Qs, On Them J^^^as, Call Me J^^^aboo
Bleedin’ Concrete, Bet You N^^^as Won’t Come ‘cross The Street
Pardon Me, I Don’t Talk To You So Don’t You Talk To Me
I Ain’t Dissin’ On Nobody, B, I’m Vibin’ On The Beat
Honestly, I’m Just Tryna Be, I Just Gotta Be
Tryin’ To Get Over On Anything, They Tellin’ Lies To Me
I Spent Five On My Pinky Ring, She Love My Diamond Ring

Anyway, I’m Married To The Game, She Said Her Vows To Me
I Ain’t Gettin’ On My Knees, Bae, You Bow Down To Me
You Go Down For Me, You Lay Down And Do The Time For Me
Sorry, Boo, Yeah, I Lied To You, But Don’t You Lie To Me
It’s Lil Kodak, The Finesse Kid, Boy, Who Hot As Me?
Told The Doctor I’m A Healthy Kid, I Smoke Broccoli
I Will Run Around Your Whole Board Like Monopoly
Ol’ Boy, You’s A Broke Boy, Flocka’s Got You Beat
Chocolate, Call Me Reese’s, Can’t Catch Me Without The Piece
C’est La Vie, I’m Ten Toes Down, You Fallin’ Off Your Feet

I Will Trick Yo Ass For A Treat, Call It Halloween
Yeah, That Money’s What I Play Fo’, Call It Lottery
Goddamn, You’s A Clown To Me, You’s A Clown To Me
You Can’t Smoke No Black & Milds With Me, Get In The Car With Me
You A Funny Guy, Don’t You Even Joke Around With Me
How Could It Be? Get From ’round A G, You Grounded From Me
I’m A Freeband Junkie, You A Junkie
You Gettin’ Skinny, I’m Gettin’ Chunky, Gettin’ Money
Want Some Food? Boy, You Hungry, I Want Them Hundreds

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