You Spin I Spin You Throw 5 I Throw 10 Lyrics

Song Details: You Spin I Spin You Throw 5 I Throw 10 Lyrics. The song name is T Cardi which is sung by Kay Flock ft. Dougie B, Justo B & Lil Skrap 1090.

You Spin I Spin You Throw 5 I Throw 10 Lyrics

Grrt, baow, baow, baow
Grrt, gang, gang, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang

If we spinnin’, we hittin’ whoever you with, like, soon as I boom, better dip
Got a new Glock, I extended the clip, like, beam on this chop, I won’t miss
Told Dougie, “I’m fiendin’, bro, ain’t no assist”
Told Kay-Kay “Don’t worry, I’ma do the hit”
Nigga, Dougie my brother, I’m takin’ that risk, like, fuck it, let’s go take a trip
Yo, Dougz, you spin, I spin, you throw five, I throw ten
We spinnin’ around like we did it again, like, fuck it, we up at his friend
Like bitch I’m MBK, so I throw up the Trend
Two flocks, two chop’s we gon’ hop out again
Like fuck that, walk up on his friend, like, huh, we gon’, like
Why the fuck niggas smoke on my opps like, they do not rap what they live
He tried to run but I clicked on his mans, like, hold on, I really rap what I did
Nadi gon’ flock, he don’t need rubber bands, like, what you think he gon’ do for the sig
Hollows start spittin’, shit hit through his rib, like, don’t get caught up in traffic again
On parole with a chop’, still movin’ too hot like, it ain’t like he done clicked it again
On parole with a chop’ still movin’ too hot like, like, like
I ain’t no killer don’t push me, just gotta get back if he die, then it’s fuck it, look
Ace he just spot him, he got him, he don’t want no problems so who really buggin’, look
Bitches be thinkin’ they hot, backin’ out Henny and bitches be pop
Gotta call thotty, we gettin’ the drop
If it’s up then it’s stuck, leave it up at the top
When you run into me, bitch it’s shoot or get shot
I got too many opps, we got too many chops
Bitch, I shoot double hands and I’m clearin’ the block
If they send me the addy, walk up, let it flock
La-dickda-di, I don’t wanna party
Like ’em ratchet, I don’t want a Barbie
Need a baddie who party like Cardi
Is you ready to ride in a heartbeat?
Smoochie, no cuffin’, just eat me I’m sorry
Jack the opps, you get put in a Marley
Me and Kay two deep, no assist
One thot, two chops, two flocks for the hit

And you know I got to shoot 2 hands
You get hit with this heat and you catchin’ a tan
Get low from the scene and then we get at his mans
We hop out the V and then hop back in the van
Put the shmoney on him and get shmurda if we can’t get to him
Knock him out pockets out, I walk with a limp
Bro called tryna score but he done off the rims
He lookin at me like I know my hands on the grip, look
He make a wrong move and I lift him, like
If my mans don’t get hype, Sha pop out the cut he gon’ blitz him
Took a pic and that boy did the same shit, I pop out and you know who I came with
Ya mans died, nigga go and slide, he just posting pictures while it’s rainin’ (Pussy)
Red dot to his face tryna off him, how they kids want to slide cause I’m tossin’
I know they mad and they picture me dead, but I picture they big homie walkin’
I been 90 before I was one, we ain’t spin push the back to the front
They see us broke, then I aim and they run, spin again if bro miss till he touched
Red beam, how the fuck can I miss, I extended my clip, like
And yeah I heard the diss, talkin’ all this gun shit with no hits, like
He got shot and took it on the hop, 25 to the L if I get hit, like
He came home and had a kid with two thots, I see him, I’m throwin’ and kickin’ his kid, like
Gunsmoke we want all that (All that, all that)
Yeah, that’s them in the V, know I’m on that
Justo, wait to shoot I’m like fall back
Fuck that, grrt-da-baow now he off that, look
Hit you up then go look for who sent you
Bloody face, ski mask when I bend through, look
See a crowd but he back out the 9
I’m aimin’ for you and whoever you next to, like

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