Your Other Life Lyrics – Lord Huron

Song Details: Your Other Life Song is sung by Lord Huron. The song is from the album Long Lost (Deluxe Edition).

Your Other Life Lyrics

I won’t be the one to say you’ll never come back again
Though I don’t think you will

I won’t be the reason why you stay until you’re dead
Although I hoped, you would

I know what you’ve done and I know who you’ve been dreaming of
I know where you go in the dead of night

You don’t get to be the one who’s young and wild and in love
You don’t get to live your other life
I don’t need to hear you say you’ll never go wrong again, because I know you will
I don’t need the reasons why you’ve done the things you did, because it’s over with

I won’t waste another day on you, I’ve played the fool, I guess that’s part of love

I won’t shed another tear, I’ve nothing left to feel, and now I’ve said enough

You’re living in your other life I’ll leave you in another life

I just came to say that I will never forget you, dear
I cannot forgive your awful lies
What I say today will be the very last words you hear
You don’t get to live your other life

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