I Was Doing Lunch With Microsoft Lyrics

Song Details: I Was Doing Lunch With Microsoft Lyrics . The song name is Nasty x SexyBack which is sung by Ayesha Erotica.

I Was Doing Lunch With Microsoft Lyrics

[from “rock star”]
I wanna bump right now
I’m ayesha and bitch, I get down
I’m so fly and coked the fuck up
I’m so nasty, getting poked up

I’m that freaky dirty loca
Nips all pokin’ through the low-cut
Fly through, zoomin’ in the low-cuts
Keep my fendi wallet robust-bust
Pussy puffed up like a bee sting
Yes, I go to church in my g-string
Father, can you bless this crackpipe?
Never really learned how to act right
And you can hold the beef
’cause bitch, I’m too busy tryna roll the kief
And bitch, you’re too busy tryna roll with me
Just sit back, relax, go stroll the beach, uh

[from “nasty”]
I got a thin waist, model legs, looking pussy in the face
Downtown, need a date? Your girlfriend can participate
Ooh, yeah, do that there, boy, grab these tit’s and pull that hair
Get hard on the spot when I do that stare
So I do that stare

Uh, I mix it up
Catch me in the clubs, I be mixing up
Short skirt, no panties when I kick shit up
If he got a shirt on, I’ll rip it up
I’ll fuck the bed up, break the frame
Boys do anything just because of my name
If he all up in my money, I ain’t having that
’cause I beat that boy with a bat, smack

Damn, sorry I blew you off
I was doing lunch with microsoft
I’m sucking off a ceo
If he’s not a millionaire, then I’ve gots to go
I’ve got the blow, come snort it, becky
My pussy tastes like mom’s spaghetti
I do it for the girls, I do it for the ladies
Now come and fuck me, baby

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